I love reading blogs especially about food and travel. Wanted to create my blog for several years now but I’ve procrastinated and thought : “will I have time for this?”, “what will I write about?”, “will I do it properly?” until finally, just a few minutes ago, I created it! When it was time to enter the title..and the tagline..oh, I haven’t thought of that yet!


I’m a Facebook addict. I always update my status/page, I (almost) always post  pictures of food I ate,  food I cooked, food I craved or food I found interesting and wanted to try. I have this album in Facebook called “A Day in the Life” which is like a picture diary where I post pictures then put a date and description on the caption. Started this years ago and I’m already on album 4 since FB only allowed 200 pictures on each album back then so it’s entitled “A Day in the Life Album 4”. 

 I would have named this blog “The Foodie Diaries” but I thought, hey, why not that album name since most of my friends have seen them. Sometimes they even ask : “When will I become part of this album?”  😀

This is my first post. Hope you’ll find this site informative and interesting in the weeks and months to come 🙂

Have a wonderful day!


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