Island Flavor – Hawaiian cooking Big Island Style


My husband is from the Big Island in Hawaii (Hilo) and sometimes he craves for local food.  We already went there several times and their food never disappoint.

Ordered loco moco on my first time here. Didn’t realize that the orders are big!


Big hamburger patty with loootttsss of gravy!

IMG-20130319-WA0002sooo big! was only able to finish halfSAMSUNG


Hubby loves this! chicken katsu with sauce.  He always orders this!

They say that this is one of the best oxtail soups in Vegas. California hotel’s Aloha specialties has good oxtail soup too but I heard that Island Flavor’s version is better


so soft and not gamey at all!

Fruit punch is becoming my favorite drink. Raspberry iced tea is next


Time for dessert!

Guri guri is a famous dessert in Maui and this restaurant has someone from Maui making these desserts for them.  It has a sherbet consistency to it but has creamier taste.

It’s available in strawberry and vanilla :


Hubby and I loved the strawberry flavor!


The next time I went back, I tried the chicken teriyaki salad for a healthier alternative


Again, it did not disappoint.  Can’t wait to go back and try another dish next time 😀



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