Chinese food craving satisfied!

02.14.13 ~ Tried eating at Diamond Chinese Restaurant for the first time 😀

I love Chinese food! I’m part Chinese and I grew up having Chinese lauriat banquets in most occasions which consists of around 10-12 dishes, from appetizer to shark’s fin soup, to noodles and desserts which usually lasts 2 to 3 hours. Here’s a sample menu :

Cold cuts (Chinese barbeque platter,suckling pig)

Steamed Garlic Prawn 

Sharks Fin Soup

Roasted Peking Duck (3 ways)

Braised Abalone w/ Sea Cucumbers 

Steamed Boneless Lapu-lapu 

Minced Duck Meat w/ Lettuce (2nd way)

Stuffed Scallop w/ Radish & Fresh Asparagus

Deep Fried S&P Duck Bone (3rd way)

Steamed Crab w/ Egg White

Special Misua Guisado (noodles)

Fresh Fruit Platter

My grandmother (dad’s side) used to cook fresh Chinese lumpia, noodle soup and wonton to name a few. Can’t remember the dishes she used to make since it was a long time ago but I still hear about her cooking from my parents once in a while and up to now, my dad is in search for the perfect wonton which for him, is my grandma’s version. I hope I was able to learn from her when she was alive. Little did I know that after 2 decades, I will love cooking.

Since I moved here last September, I’ve tried a lot of Chinese restaurants in Vegas and Diamond Chinese Restaurant is one of the bests so far. Went here last month with friends who introduced us to this place.

We ordered 5 dishes. Good thing I took pictures before eating despite of my hunger!

First off, the orange beef ($8.95) ~


This reminds me of sweet and sour pork. The meat is thinly sliced, breaded, deep fried and mixed with the sauce. So yummy! I also like the crunchiness of the dish 🙂

Next, there’s the house special bean curd in hot pot ($8.95) ~


I like the sauce and the mixture of seafood and meat. another yummy dish

Now, here comes one of their best sellers : baked pork chop! ($8.75)


honey glazed goodness with onions and it’s also crisp and tender. I think we ordered 3 of these 😛

Hubby has been craving for crispy noodles (Hong Kong style) and he hadn’t found the version he loves until he tried this! ($8.95)


This reminds me of the crispy noodles I ate in Chinese restaurants back home. Hot thick sauce is poured on top of the crispy/soft noodle to create that great texture of soft & crunchy.

Now, here’s my favorite! Honey Walnut Prawns!


this is not on the menu! it’s on the specials written on the board in Chinese characters! this is sooo good! reminds me of the hot prawn salad I used to eat in Chinese restaurants in the Philippines.

Overall, I give this restaurant 5 stars! The place is not fancy at all but the food is great! I’ll definitely be back 🙂

What’s your favorite Chinese dish and where did you try the best version of it? 😀